11-Year-Old Drag Star Gets Constantly Called On Child Protective Services By Strangers


Desmond Napoles, or better known by his drag name Desmond Is Amazing, is an 11-year-old drag queen whose family has once again faced calls from child protective services after he was featured in a shoe ad.
He first caught the drag bug after watching his mom, Wendy Napoles, watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The mom explained BuzzFeed News that it was almost like the boy thought that they were princesses or something, and he started taking things from the house, like her clothes, and put them on and walk around like it was a runway.

Wendy wasn’t sure how to handle her son’s new interest at first, but after she took him to a therapist, she decided to just let Desmond find his own way.
He is now a star in his own right, and he performs at events and talks to his fans on social media, with his mom’s supervision, of course.

Wendy added that they had to let go of the thought “What are other people going to think” because it made her son happy.

However, with his rising popularity, a wave of harassment came. Several conservative media started featuring him in articles, conflating his performances with maltreatment of children and even exploitation.

The mother explains that the conservative media has really made a target out of Desmond, and they come after them no matter what they do and no matter what it is.

And that’s when the calls started too.
People who have never met Desmond or his family, and most of them even out of state, have started calling the authorities with complaints, and the problem grew so much at one point that it included several different agencies. Wendy said that at one point there were more than 200 open cases about her son.


Authorities treat all these complaints seriously, so the family has been a subject to home visits, and Desmond has often been pulled out of school for interviews with agents.

Of course, none of the complaints have ever found wrongdoing, but Desmond was featured in a Pride campaign for Converse earlier this year once again, and the calls started all over again.

Despite all the calls, Wendy notes that all of Desmond’s performances are kid-friendly, and they are performed for all-ages crowds, with no adult themes.
He does collect tips, but all of the money he gets go straight into a trust fund he will get access to when he’s 18.

And, with all the calls to child protective services, Desmond also faces harassment online, including threats to his and his family’s health and lives. Believe it or not, people have even been placing bets as to when Desmond will decide to take away his own life.

Wendy admits that she’s scared of these people to scare her, and even though she has been able to shield him from it for the most part, she can’t protect him from all the inappropriate questions he gets from the child support services.



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