12-Year-Old Non-Verbal Girl In Tears After Being Horribly Attacked By Bully


Bullying is one of the worst things that take place in the education system, and it’s been around for years. It’s an issue that still persists, maybe even more so in the 21st-century, when the world is driven by technology and social media.
Some cases of bullying end up with physical confrontations and can be really dangerous, leading up to severe mental degradation which can culminate in depression or even suicidal tendencies.

Quayden Bayles is a 9-year-old kid with dwarfism that was bullied so badly that he was begging his mom to give him a rope to hang himself in a live video. The boy has since received an outpouring support from famous celebrities, including Hugh Jackman and Nicki Minaj.
Another case of bullying that shook the internet was the case of a 12-year-old non-verbal girl who suffers from Angelman Syndrome named Aalyha.

Kerri Arnold, the girl’s mom, decided to take it to Facebook to condemn the torture that her daughter was put through at her school in Hamilton, New Zealand. Arnold explains the incident while showing the many scratches and bite marks her daughter had on her body, courtesy the bully. She said she was phoned by Aalyha’s school and was told that she’s been a victim of bullying. The boy had scratched her eye, bit the side of her face, scratched her arm, and her back.

She further shared that the little girl is generally very happy, and she noted that she has spoken to the principal, and the boy who assaulted her will be stood down for the rest of the week following the horrible incident.

STAND UP STEP INToday at 1:30pm I was called and informed my 12yr. old daughter head been hurt.The teacher that called me told me Aalyha got in the way of another student, he had scratched her and bit her. But lets be real here, Aalyha was attacked.My daughter Aalyha goes to a special school in Hamilton New Zealand that she has attended since she was 5yr old..Aalyha suffers from a rare syndrome called angelmans syndrome.This is a rear syndrome that affects all areas of her life and ability to defend herself at all.I have spoken to the principal and the boy will be stood down for the rest of the week following this horrible event.1 of the long term teachers Expressed to me her disgust and apologized for the students behaviour and advised me that she has requested the boy be stood down.I am happy to see action and some justice.But people.This starts at home.Ps- this is NOT the first time Aalyha has been bullyed.2 years ago Aalyha was bullied by another student, Aalyha was pushed over, bitten, pushing into a glass window where she broke her front tooth and fractured her nose…STAND UP —- STEP INEducate our tamariki Do your bit at home parentsDo your bit at school teachers….


Posted by Kerri Arnold on Monday, March 2, 2020

The video has received a lot of attention from the public, and the mom said that this wasn’t the first time her daughter has been the victim of bullying. She said that Aalyha was pushed over, bitten, pushed into a glass window, and got her nose and front tooth broken in the past.

More than 45,000 people reacted in solidarity to Arnold’s video, and over 30,000 people shared it.



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