13-Year-Old Son Comes Out As Trans To Mom With Heartwarming ‘Punny’ Drawings


2020 has been one of the worst years in modern times, and we’ve been through countless heartbreaking moments. However, between all the troubles the world has been in these past 12 months, some things still managed to put a smile on our faces, and the story of Amanda Mancino-Williams is one of them.

Amanda Mancino-Williams is a writer that decided to share the heartwarming booklet her 13-year-old son had made for her for Christmas. She shared that her son had always been writing important stuff to her in notes, and this was probably the most special one.


Check out the wholesome note this 13-year-old shared to them in which he came out to her, and we believe it will put a smile on your face and tear to your eye.

This is how people responded to the wholesome tweet:

Source: Upworthy


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