18-Year-Old Martial Artist Fights Off 3 Male Offenders


Even though women are often still portrayed as weak and powerless, and they have to wait for the “prince charming” to come and help them, or rescue them if they’re in the claws of predators, real-life women are actually changing the narrative.

One excellent example of this is the 18-year-old West Bengal girl named Priyanka Singha Roy. She managed to beat up three men who tried to sexually assault her.

Roy was accompanied by her younger sibling on her way to a shop in Kamarpara, Sainthia, India, and even though the shop was just 500 meters from their home, the alley that leads to it was deserted.

The girls were met up by three men, and the men started whistling and shouting rude comments at the girls. They tried to block the girls’ path, and it eventually led to one of them grabbing Roy’s hand.

She repeatedly told him to back off, but the men continued to harass them. Faced with no other option, the 18-year-old girl, who had been learning martial arts (Taekwondo), beat all the three men up.


The mother of the girls, who lodged a complaint to the police after the incident, told the Hindustan Times that her daughter is a keen student of martial arts, and the men were not aware of her skills.

One of the locals who witnessed the ordeal said that they rushed to the area after they heard loud noises, and they found that the girl had put the three young men on the ground. She told them that she punished the men for misbehaving with her, and they hope her courage to inspire others in the area.

The three men, all in their mid-twenties, have been arrested after the locals alerted the police.



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