3 Teens Held After Intentionally Coughing In The Face Of Elderly Couple And Physically Assaulting Them


Three teenagers from Hertfordshire, England, have been arrested after one of them coughed intentionally in the face of an elderly couple, and beat them up.
The incident took place at a park on Friday, and the three males, aged 19, 18, and 16, left the lady in her 70s with a black eye. As reported by The Guardian, the teenagers were released under investigation after being arrested over the assault. A man in his 30s tried to help the elderly couple, but he was also left with a bruising to his face, and the woman’s car was also attacked by the teenagers.

The woman has been taken to the hospital after she got a black eye from the attack, but she was released later. The police have asked people not to post any footage of the incident on social media to not jeopardize the legal proceedings. A spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary requested those with information on the incident to contact the police.


The incident took place a few days after the British Government warned people that walking within six feet of an elderly person could put them in danger in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and the teenagers were arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm, affray, and criminal damage. The U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally announced a full lockdown in the country to limit the spread of the virus.



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