Allah Loves Equality


Wajahat is an independent Pakistani human rights activist and filmmaker living in Italy, currently working to tell the stories of LGBT Muslims through a documentary entitled “Allah Loves Equality”.

The film tells the story of lesbian, gay and transgender people living in Pakistan – both Muslim and non-Muslim. In the future, they will also be going to other Muslim majority countries to shine a light on what the lives of LGBT people are like in these countries, especially for people in Western societies who have not heard these stories.
Wajahat and team have launched an international phase of awareness-raising, seeking some help via a crowdfunding campaign created to finance this film.

Two volunteers and I will soon be traveling to Pakistan to film and conduct interviews.  Our travel date is quickly approaching and we need help with a final push!
Here is the link:

As a gay man, I understand much of what Muslim members of the LGBT community go through – both those living in my homeland of Pakistan and those living in Western countries. Religious and family issues make it very difficult for LGBT Muslims to live our lives open and free.

Through the Allah Loves Equality documentary, we will tell the world that we exist and that we want to be accepted as LGBT and as Muslims.

Thank you – Wajahat & Team.


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