Anti-Gay Jehovah’s Witness Video Teaches Kids That LGBT People “Can Change”


The video will be shown to millions of followers of the faith at conventions across the US and takes its name from the Sodom and Gomorrah Bible story—where the ‘wife of Lot’ is turned into a pillar of salt.

The terribly acted video features a conversation where a family is forced to talk to their daughter’s colleague—a woman who was raised by lesbians.

“My moms are both really proud of me,” the friend says. “I was raised by two wonderful women. You know, life partners?”

“Oh, yeah,” says the mother timidly, before whispering: “You know, my assistant, Marty, I recently found out that he’s gay.”

The father then sternly adds that they live by “the Bible’s moral standards”.

“But we don’t force our beliefs on other people, and we don’t judge anyone, either,” he adds.

“Honey, maybe we’re being too harsh on gays,” the mother pleads. “Some people just seem to be programmed that way.”


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