Ashley Harris And Ali Krieger’s Wedding Is A True Testament Of Love


This is probably the most fairytale gay wedding I’ve ever seen or even heard of in my entire life, and it features soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger.

The two announced their engagement back in March, and they won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July. They then had their unapologetic celebration tour, and they finished their amazing year with a holiday wedding.

This wedding is very special because Harris and Krieger were eventually forced to spend almost a decade of their lives in the closet because sponsorships for athletes were not queer-friendly at all. To add to that women’s soccer was not queer-friendly at all, so their wedding comes serves as a powerful statement.
To add to that, their wedding cake was a rainbow. Ashlyn wore a sleeveless, sparkly tux, and her best person was non-other than Megan Rapinoe (who looked absolutely stunning, by the way!).


People had the first look photos from the wedding, expectedly, but photos resurfaced on Instagram as well, and you can check some of them below.

And if you want to get really, really emotional, watch their wedding video below.



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