Australian Academic Says It Can Also Be ‘Masculine’ To Be Pregnant As She Challenges The Concept Of Masculinity


An Australian lecturer of the University of Melbourne, Dr. Lauren Rosewarne gave a statement that being pregnant can actually be ‘masculine’. Her statement came as a reject to a broadcaster’s claim that said: “having a baby challenges your very masculinity”.

Dr. Lauren supports this statement with the fact that 22 transgender men in the country gave birth last year. She continues: ‘Masculinity means different things to different people. I’m sure your masculinity is different from any other man in your office.

These statistics came from the Australian government’s Medicare agency, which makes the 22 transgender men this year a part of the 228 who had been pregnant during the past decade.

Dr. Lauren proceeds to explain that someone who was biologically a female can now be a male even without a surgery. ‘They may not have necessarily had an operation, but they now identify as male,’ she says. Their entire identity now is wrapped up in that of a male and that should be respected.


She also mentioned that society should start adjusting its idea of gender. It’s not about what genitalia you have. In the ocean world, for example, the male seahorse is the one that carries the eggs and also gives birth to them.

This data was released as the new BBC documentary Seahorse screened at the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival following a 30-year-old British transgender man called Freddy as he is preparing to give birth to a child.



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