Avengers Comic Banned By Rio de Janeiro Mayor Over Gay Kiss Scene


The 2010 Marvel Comics story Avengers: The Children’s Crusade has been banned from Rio de Janeiro’s Bienial Do Livro book festival because of a kiss between Wiccan and Hulkling.
The ban came via a statement issued by Rio de Janeiro’s mayor Marcelo Crivella.

Biennial Do Livro ran from August 30 through September 8, and Crivella ordered Rio de Janeiro police to seize and confiscate all copies of the 264-page volume from the festival organizers.
According to Brazil’s O Globo newspaper, however, festival organizers refused to comply.
A statement from the organizers (translated by Google) says that the festival “gives a voice to all audiences, without distinction, as a democracy should be”.

“The direction of the festival understands that if a visitor purchases a work he or she does not like, he / she has every right to request the exchange of the product, as provided for in the Consumer Protection Code.”


Copies of the comic quickly sold out after the mayor’s intervention, and a popular YouTuber from Brazil that goes by the name Felipe Neto bought 14,000 books and handed them out for free at the fair.

Banning any LGBTQ+ publication has been made illegal by the Supreme Court, and it ruled that Crivella’s actions were illegal as they only targeted LGBTQ+ content.



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