Because of Homophobic Relatives Groom Forbids His Brother To Bring His Boyfriend to Wedding


It’s hard to see that even today the LGBTQ+ community is faced with criticism, and the hardest part is that most of it comes from their own family and friends.

People still keep their prejudices, especially when it comes to baby showers, weddings and other life events.

One person had to make a tough choice and distance himself from his brother because he supported his homophobic relatives that were invited to his wedding.
But when faced with hard criticism for the way he handled the situation, he started wondering if he was being too harsh on his brother.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for icing my brother out because he refused to invite my boyfriend to his wedding?”


Unfortunately his family was divided in their feelings towards the LGBTQ+ community

This became an issue when they started to plan their wedding.

It seemed that John started to worry about what would happen…

The OP felt that he had no choice, but to make a big decision.

Some of the people though that the brother should have taken the OP side over the relatives.

To others it seemed that the brother was not as supportive as he claimed.



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