Billy Porter Cast To Play The Fairy Godmother In The New “Cinderella” Movie


You have probably heard about Billy Porter by now. He plays Pray Tell, the voice of the ballroom, on the groundbreaking series Pose, and he recently made history when he became the first openly gay black man to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series.

Oh, and we must add that he’s the master of the red carpet.

Well, Billy Porter just announced that he has been cast for the role of the fairy godmother in the new Sony Cinderella movie.


The movie will also star Camilla Cabello as Cindarella and Idina Menzel as the evil stepmother (although this hasn’t been confirmed yet), and we can’t even think of a more perfect casting!

What do you think about this? Do you like the casting of the new live-action Cinderella movie? Tell us in the comments!



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