Billy Porter Is The First Openly Gay, Black Man To Win Emmy For Lead Actor


The face of TV is changing, and it’s for the better!

Now, actors, directors, and producers of color are achieving the recognition for their contribution to TV, and there is probably no better example for that than Billy Porter, the 71st Emmy Awards’ Lead Actor winner in a Drama Series category.

He won the Emmy for his role as Pray Tell on Pose, and he is the first openly gay, black man to both be nominated and win the prestigious award.

Porter spoke in his moving acceptance speech about Black empowerment. He quoted Black activist and author James Baldwin and said that the category is love.
He added that he’s overwhelmed and overjoyed to have lived long enough to see this day, and it took him many years of vomiting up all the filth that he had been taught about himself.


He noted that they, as artists, are the people who get to change the structure of the hearts and minds of the people who live on this planet, and he asked fellow artists to never ever stop telling the truth.

The internet was abuzz after his win, and many people took it to Twitter to express their excitement about his Emmy and mention the significance of Porter’s landmark achievement.



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