Body Count Continues To Rise, And Trump Focuses On How The TV Ratings For His Press Conferences Are


The U.S. is currently in the unpopular lead of most positive coronavirus cases in the world, and President Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his mismanagement of the pandemic.
Trump has been accused of spreading misinformation to the American people and taking too long to take any substantial steps to fight the disease. However, it seems that the President is more focused on the TV ratings on his press conferences, at least according to his recent tweets.


Trump sent out a Twitter thread on Sunday, March 29, in which he praised the ratings of his own press conferences, for which he was widely criticized.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency that costs more and more Americans their lives every single day, and many Trump’s critics lashed out at him for his inappropriate posts and for giddying over how many people are tuning in to watch him talk.



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