Bullied Teen Sends Heartbreaking Texts to Her MOm as Kids Take Photos of Her


‘People are making fun of me and they are taking pictures’

A teenager girl’s heartbreaking text messages about being bullied for wearing a dress has gone viral, leaving many to question how some people can be so cruel.

A high school student named Bailey texted her mom to ask her to bring her a T-shirt and jeans to wear after she realized people were mocking her for wearing a dress.

Her mom was a bit confused at first, and after she asked what her daughter was wearing, Bailey explained: ‘A dress and people are making fun of me and taking pictures of me and I wanna change.’

Bailey’s mom didn’t skip a beat when she asked if she needed shoes too, and she promised she would be there in seven minutes.

Just five minutes later, she had arrived at Bailey’s school.

It’s unclear if Bailey was the first to share the photos, but they have since been posted by people all over the world.

Twitter user @IssaInfluencer posted the pictures, writing: ‘While We Are Doing FillUpFNB Let’s Also Put An End To Bullying Retweet For Awareness.’

Many people commented that the teen’s message to her mom made them sad, with one woman calling it ‘pure body shaming.’

‘This isn’t right. My heart is broken. Why are people such morons!?’ another person tweeted.

Others praised Bailey’s mom for the way she responded to her daughter.

‘As a mom I just loved how her mom responded,’ one person wrote. ‘The world is filled all kind of humans.

‘And the kind that do this … really need to be dealt with. Her text broke my heart.’

In an ironic twist, despite her story being shared to awareness about bullying, Bailey has herself been accused of using racial and homophobic slurs by other social media users.

Many Twitter users shared a screengrab of one of Bailey’s past tweet polls asking: ‘If I say “I hate black people”, am I racist?’

Though, someone pointed out that she had posted similar poll about white people, others shared grabs of her previous tweets that show her using slurs such as ‘n***a’ and f*g.

‘Bullying is trash but so is this girl. “If I say I hate black people then am I racist?” Yep, that’s the kinda crap your victim tweets,’ a woman named Imani wrote.


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