Campaign Group Suggests Children As Young As 5 To Be Taught About LGBT Issues In School


An LGBT campaign has recently issued guidance to primary schools across the U.K. stating that children should be taught about lesbian, gay, and trans issues in every subject in school from the age of five.

The guidance was issued by Stonewall to match the launch of the new relationships and education about intimate life (RSE) lessons that are set to begin next September. Accordingly, parents are allowed to remove their children from these lessons, but the ones that cover relationships are compulsory.
Stonewall has since suggested that teachers use the LGBT rainbow flag to help children understand the meaning of colors.

According to the group, teaching about LGBT should be “embedded” throughout school timetables, and the campaign group also suggested maths questions such as “How many biscuits are left at Fatima and Shanika’s wedding?”.


The guidance has been sponsored by publisher Pearson and the Government Equalities Office, and £1million grant has been given to LGBT organizations. The guidance also suggests that students in religious education lessons be taught about naming ceremonies for the people that decide to change gender.

Andrea Williams, Chief executive of Christian Concern, told The Times that Stonewall’s inclusive guidance “was disguising a manipulative agenda aimed brazenly at our youngest and most impressionable”.

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