Poetic Justice. She Divorced This Politician For A Woman!


The leader of one of the largest and most vocal anti-gay groups in Texas took the group’s helm soon after his wife of 9 years left him for a woman, court documents reveal.

Already a conservative firebrand attorney, Jonathan Saenz became head of Texas Values in early 2012. His wife Corinne and mother of his three young children filed for divorce in August of 2012, reports Lone Star Q.

According to divorce filings, what followed were two years of bitter legal feuding, much of which was focused on Corinne’s girlfriend Ercimin Paredes and Saenz children.

During the prolonged battle, Jonathan Saenz sought to bar Paredes or any other future romantic partner of his wife’s from ever having any contact or even being in the same building as his children.

The request was granted temporarily but was absent from the final divorce agreement, which would not be made until August 2013–nearly two years to the day after Corinne first filed.

Mr. Saez claimed that his wife and Paredes, her fellow teacher at Becker Elementary School in the Austin Independent School District, began a serious relationship ‘as early as the fall of 2010.’

While the results of the evaluation are not revealed in court documents, it’s Mr. Saez who the suit suggests has a history of treatment for mental illness. Lone Star Q reports:

‘Jonathan Saenz sought to compel his ex-wife to produce all records in her possession “pertaining to the psychiatric, psychological, counseling or other mental health treatments of Jonathan Saenz, including but not limited to any documents relating to any consultations or treatments during their marriage.”‘

Meanwhile, Saenz and Texas Value have suported the notion that homosexuality is a mental illness by endorsing gay conversion therapy.


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