Celebrities Share How Their Quarantine Life, And Some Think It’s Offensive


Almost every country in the world recommends its citizens to self-isolate in their homes, and work from home if possible. We can save countless lives by simply staying at home and not leaving our house unless it’s absolutely necessary, and the world must be united during these times.

More and more celebrities are self-isolating themselves, and photos and videos of them during quarantine are circulating on the internet. Our beloved celebrities are sending us one very important message, and they’re sharing photos and videos of themselves enjoying life at home during the outbreak.
However, the videos and photos have created a heated discussion online, and some people are actually angry at these celebs for ‘flaunting’ their wealth on social media. Others, though, believe that there’s nothing to get mad about, as these celebrities have earned every cent they have by working hard, and they have invested countless hours in what they are now. What’s your opinion on this one, though?

This is how celebs are spending their time in quarantine. Kourtney was riding her horse in her field:

While Kylie told us that if she could do it, then we can all do it:

While Sam Smith had a meltdown in his $12M home:


Arnold Schwarzenegger was longing in his private hot tub:

How do you like Lauren Conrad’s pillow fort?

Or Ellen DeGeneres’ private gym?


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I think this is what the kids call “meta”.

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Or Jimmy Fallon’s indoor slide?

Drake spends these difficult times in his private basketball court:

Whether you judge these celebrities for being rich while most of us are “stuck” in our apartments is up to you, but the reality is that different people have different incomes and living conditions, and that’s a fact of life. We make our own decisions, we have access to different opportunities, some of us are more talented than others, may have had more ‘luck’ in their lives (or probably worked harder), and what we should all do is accept that and move on with our lives in our homes. The most important thing to focus on right now is that we’re all in this together, and we can’t lose hope!



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