Christ The Redeemer Statue Over Rio de Janeiro Lit Up With Flags Of Countries Affected By COVID-19


We’re in the middle of a global public health crisis, and we need every little bit of hope that we can get at this point.
Even though messages of resilience may seem bizarre and unnecessary to some, it can sometimes give us the motivation we need, and that’s why Brazil decided to light up the famous Christ the Redeemer statue with the flags of the countries affected by the Coronavirus.
Even though it seems like a small gesture, it reminds us all that we will survive this, as long as we stick together and help each other when we need it the most.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer looks over the Brazillian city of Rio de Janeiro, and the special light show took place on Wednesday. In addition to the flags of countries with reported Coronavirus cases, there were also messages and prayers of hope. They read that we should pray together, and they were translated into many different languages.


Rio de Janeiro’s Archbishop Orani João Tempesta held mass at the landmark as the statute lit up, and the church urged people to pray for those who are sick and at-risk all over the world.
Whether you are Christian or not, I believe we can all appreciate the thoughtful intentions behind this gesture.
However, who we should thank the most during these dark times are all the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who work tirelessly and risk their lives every day to save as many as possible.



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