Colorado Not to Assign Gender on Birth Certificates


The state of Colorado became the first state not to assign gender on birth certificates. Anunnaki Ray Marquez, an intersex person, was one of the first ones to receive new birth certificate stating he is an intersex.

‘I am what they consider hormonally intersex. My hormones are not that of a typical female. My biological sex used to be diagnosed as ‘intersexuality with hormonal variations Q56.0, hermaphroditism not elsewhere classified.’ said Marquez, who is also an intersex advocate.

Born in 1967 he was assigned ‘female gender’.’They called me ‘perceptually handicapped’ because I thought I was a boy. They didn’t even have the word ‘transgender,’ much less the word ‘intersex.” ‘Here’s the thing that confuses people: My biological sex is intersex. We live in a world that thinks that should be in alignment with my gender identity,” said Marquez. ‘But my gender identity doesn’t match: it’s non-conforming, androgynous male. My sexual orientation confuses people even more. If I have an intersex body, they get confused when I say I’m gay.’

Marquez is grateful to his parents for not altering his genitals without his consent. The state of California recently condemned altering the genitals of intersex babies. This procedures are illegal in all 50 states.


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