Couple Who Sent Their 4-Year-Old Son To School Wearing Girl’s Uniform Praised By Judge


A couple have been called “good parents” and praised by a senior judge for sending their 4-year-old son to school wearing a girl’s uniform.

This comes after social workers accused the couple of being too quick to referring to the child as transgender at such a young age, as reported by Daily Mail.

The social services even threatened the parents to take “H”, as the court referred to the kid, into care because they believed the couple had “actively encouraged” it and “acted in a precipitate manner” in relation to perceived gender dysphoria.

High Court judge Mr. Justice Williams, however, excused the couple, and he called them “careful and attuned” parents. He thinks that they have definitely invested in H’s welfare, and a gender specialist had previously told the judge that H’s “gender-related presentation was consistent with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria”.

The judge also said that the child had suffered no harm as a result of her “complete transition into a female” that took place at a very young age, and he added that the evidence demonstrates to the contrary. He noted that the evidence does not support the contention that it was actively encouraged, but that it was appropriately supported.


The family’s local council, reportedly, had initially sought the “immediate removal” of H and the other children from the couple’s house, as social workers claimed that the couple was “resistant to acknowledging any potential disadvantage to H of being identified as transgender prematurely”.

The council eventually withdrew the care proceedings after the experts reported that the couple’s parenting skills were good, and the couple sought complete exoneration in a public judgment because they felt that there was a “cloud of suspicion over them”.

Judge Williams said that the care proceedings had a considerable and very obvious impact on the couple, so he told the court that it is evident that it’s not in the children’s welfare interests for the proceedings to continue any further.



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