Covell Ends F***ing World TV Series To Begin Kaos

Charlie Covell World
Charlie Covell's End of the F***ngWorld Ends

Charlie Covell, the sharp-witted queer screenwriter behind the dark Brit dramedy End of the F***ing World, has just sold Netflix on the preliminary 10 episodes of an hour-long show entitled Kaos – a show that will careen through gender politics, the underworld and the hierarchies of power and its abuse, all while doing so in the genre-crossing form of Greek mythology-meets-contemporary comic drama.

Yes, it’s our very own dystopia back in the spotlight as Covell undertakes a sociopolitical view of the very things that have emotionally touched her own life.

Covell queer
Charlie Covell

When Covell took on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel for the making of  End of the F***ing World, she brought a normalizing element of that smacked of Ian Banks Wasp Factory in that she drew little distinction between a veritable teen sociopath and a normally maladjusted teen who fancies himself as such. When the 17-year-old hero, James, of the aforementioned series decides to graduate from animal to human victims, one expects horror but is soon greeted with a roadtrip scenario wherein possible victim teams up with viable perp to find themselves while taking in the scenic and not-so-scenic English countryside. Though James continually looks for ‘perfect’ opportunities to kill Alyssa his traveling companion, one gets the sense that the journey the two are talking is more important than the intended macabre site it to which we envision it will lead.

Now, imagine the sensibility responsible for that odd stylistic juxtaposition suddenly putting her hands to a work that deals with gender politics and #metoo styled abuses and we can only imagine the gray areas to which it will venture. Pushing the envelope has rarely been so entertaining as when Covell’s mind is on the prowl.

End of the F***ing World 


  1. I love End of the F World. I am watching it always and hope there is more to come. The new show idea sounds amazing too but the Netflix always takes many times the best ones off after only one or two years.


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