“Curvaceous” Mom Shares Hilarious Results Of DIY Bra-Facemask Project


Gemma Harman is a 40-year-old mom-of-one, and she’s one curvaceous woman. In the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, she decided to share photos of her hilariously unsuccessful attempt at transforming her bra into a makeshift face mask.

Harman recently spotted the new online trend that showed how women could make face masks out of their bras, and she decided to try it for herself. The ‘project’ works by fastening one cup over the nose and the mouth, and securing it in position using the bra straps.

As she writes herself, she’s “neither young nor slender” like the women she’d seen modeling the bra masks, Gemma tried to demonstrate how the mask might work for a more “bodacious bod”, using her very own 42 FF bra for her ‘craft material’. She tried to position just one cup over her face, but she realized that she wasn’t going to get anywhere near the same results as the “smaller-busted ladies”. The thing is that while the DIY project masks should cover the mouth and the nose, Gemma’s mask swallowed her entire head. The NHS administrator burst in laughter when she realized that she was blinded by red lace, and she asked her husband Steve to take some photos of her, which she later shared to Facebook.


She wrote that she saw people who were transforming their bras into face masks on the Internet, but they were all slender, young women, and their masks fit beautifully. However, she noted that she thinks most women won’t be able to make their bra fit them so well as a face mask. As she writes herself, she’s “not young nor slender”, and she knew there was no way that she was going to be able to do it. The end result? Well, you can see it for yourself.

She jokingly wrote that she would be really well protected with her bra-mask because there’s no way anything would be getting through it. However, she wrote that she might end up with a couple of bruises from bumping into things, because she couldn’t see a thing.

What do you think about the DIY bra-facemask project?



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