Dangers of Online Dating in the LGBT Community


Many people from the LGBT community have flocked to online dating websites and apps to find their significant other when looking for love. Many have found this the easiest way to meet someone without having to guess if the person they want to talk to is a part of the LGBT community or not. However, with a growing online community comes the question, “are LGBTQ dating apps safe?” Or are there dangers of dating online?

Lesbians Are Catfished by Straight Men:

Straight men catfish lesbians on dating apps, pretending to be hot girls. They do this to make the girl fall for him to show the lesbian that she fell for a guy and hopefully change her sexuality. However, the lesbian will probably not change her sexuality because she knows she is only into girls, not guys.

Romance Scams (Sweetheart Scam):

Someone will message you saying sweet things to you, then tell you how much they love you and want to be with you within a matter of weeks. Once you fall for them and establish your trust, they start asking for money for small things, and then gradually ask for money to fund expensive emergencies. They usually work overseas as an excuse for why they can’t meet you in person or FaceTime you.

Minor Scam:

People on LGBT dating apps are contacting victims, telling them how much they like them and how they want to see nude images of them. Sometimes, they will even invite the victim somewhere to perform explicit acts with them.

A few days after their requests, the victim gets a phone call claiming to be the authorities or parents calling to inform the victim that they slept with or sent pictures to a minor. They then demand the victim to pay them a lot of money or go to the cops.


You meet someone online who claims that they like you. They offer to meet you somewhere to get to know you better and tell you how excited they are to meet you. However, when they show up, it’s with an accomplice, and they look nothing like their profile picture. They demand that you give them your money, and when you don’t, they beat you up and steal your wallet.

Harassment by Anti-LGBT Individuals:

Straight people who are against the LGBT community have sometimes used dating apps as tracking locators to find out where people who are LGBT live. Once they find these particular individuals, they beat them up just for being themselves. Even countries like Russia, Egypt, and South Africa have law enforcement that use dating apps to track LGBT individuals to arrest them.

LGBTQ Online Dating Statistics and Facts:

LGBT singles are more likely to use dating apps to find their significant other since it is easier to find someone with their same sexuality online versus trying to guess in public places. Because of this, 56% of the LGBT community have dated someone they met online, according to a Match survey. Also, 65% of people from the transgender community have dated someone that they met online.

Within the LGBT community, Grindr was the most popular dating app, with 74% of people saying they have used it. Following Grindr, Scruff (31%), Hornet (27%), Tinder (27%), and Jack’d (24%) were also a part of the top 5 apps being used within this community. 50% of these app users have used more than one app, and 86% of Scruff and Hornet users have stated that they also use Grindr.


Because so many people have dated someone they met online, it is always important to remind them of the LGBT community to safely use dating apps. There are many fake profiles on all dating apps that try to scam their victims out of their hard-earned money. 56% of people who are LGBT have stated that they have encountered profiles that were fake or misleading on dating apps.

31% of Grindr users reported that they got at least one date a month using the app. Followed by Grindr are the apps Growlr (29%), Planet Romeo (25%), Scruff, and Hornet (22%). Out of the people that were met in person,16% of users reported that none of their dates misrepresented their age, height, or weight. 62% of users said that they misrepresented this information a little bit. 19% of users said that they misrepresented this information a lot.

Also, 31% of users admitted to misrepresenting their information, while 69% said they did not misrepresent any information. According to a survey by GrabHim.net of 4,000 gay and bisexual men found that 3 in 10 admitted lying about their age, height, or weight on their app profiles.

Out of all people who use online dating apps, the LGBT community is most likely to experience harassment on dating apps. 35% of people from the community have reported abuse or harassment from dating apps. When dating app matches advanced to meeting in person, 21% claimed that they had faced sexual harassment. 17% of users have been threatened with physical harm on a dating app.

How to Verify Fake Dating App Profiles:

Hornet is the first gay dating app to verify authenticity, which is when you send in a picture to the app to prove you are authentic, and they give you a badge of authenticity in return. It uses a secret algorithm so that catfishers don’t trick the system into verifying if people are who they say. If they deem the person trustworthy enough, they get a badge of authenticity.

Its competitors don’t use this method to see who’s a catfish and who isn’t, because they don’t want to out anyone that doesn’t want to be outed. If other people verify their accounts, but the people who are not out of the closet do not, they will only want to talk to other verified accounts.

This leaves people who are not out of the closet and don’t want to be verified with a lower chance of meeting anyone to mingle with. Therefore, competitors are against the verification system.

While LGBT dating apps can be fun, they can also be dangerous if you find yourself talking to the wrong person. This is why it is always a good idea to take precautions when seeing the person that you would like to date or hook up with, however, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you are talking to a scammer or a catfish rather than an actual person.

Original article appeared on SocialCatFish and submitted to us for reproduction with credit.



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