Danish Supermarket Has A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop People From Hoarding


Most of us are staying in our homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and even though it might not be the most productive thing, most of us are spending a good amount of the day scrolling through memes about people hoarding toilet paper from supermarkets all over the world.

However, besides toilet paper, there’s one more item that’s been significantly more popular than usual, and it’s hand sanitizer. People have been stocking up like crazy on hand sanitizers, and one supermarket in Denmark has come up with an absolutely genius way to put an end to it.
What they’ve done is just a simple pricing trick that will, hopefully, put off people from hoarding on hand sanitizer. The photo was shared on Twitter, and it was taken in a Danish supermarket.

As it turns out, Rotunden supermarket in Denmark is now selling one bottle of hand sanitizer for 40 DKK ($5.73), while they sell two bottles for 1,000 DKK ($143) EACH!


Rotunden supermarkets consider themselves to be Denmark’s most beautiful and most exclusive shopping environment, and they claim that they have respect for people’s busy everyday life. Well, as it turns out, their values are also humane enough to care not only about selling more of the product but selling it to as many people as possible.
The store took it to Facebook to explain the reason and the motivation for their “change” in pricing:

People absolutely loved the idea and said that most supermarkets in the world should do the same. What do you think, should supermarkets in the U.S. do this?



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