Daughter Of Lesbian Couple Is “Stateless” Because She Was Born Through IVF

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Sinéad Deevy is a woman from Ireland, and her wife, Kashka Sankowski, is from Poland. The couple, however, decided to call Ireland home.

However, both home countries of the women refused to grant their daughter citizenship. To add to that, the country where Sofia, their daughter, was born, also refused to give her citizenship.
The couple lived in Ireland, but decided to have IVF in Poland because it was cheaper. The couple, though, intended to go back to Ireland after successfully having a child.

After several years of trying, the couple finally decided to have the procedure done in Spain, and Sankowska fell pregnant in 2017. Deevy and Saknowska got married in 2018, a few months before Sofia was born.

The parents applied for Irish citizenship after Sofia was born, so they could finally return home. However, their application was denied.

The couple decided to try and gain Polish citizenship for their daughter, but citing the lesbian parents listed on Sofia’s birth certificate, Poland’s laws also dictated the request to be denied. Poland did not recognize Sofia’s birth certificate as a valid document.

Even though neither of the parents has Spanish citizenship, they asked Spain to recognize Sofia’s birthright. However, even though Spain didn’t immediately refuse the request, the women were told that the process could take 4 years or more because they’re a lesbian couple.

Sankowska has since told The Irish Times that there’s a strong anti-gay movement supported by the current government in Poland.

Deevy added that they only left Ireland on a temporary basis, and they never thought of moving away permanently. They now feel they’ve been abandoned with no support from the Irish Government, and their daughter is stateless – she doesn’t exist.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in an official statement that anyone born outside Ireland is an Irish citizen if born to an Irish-born, Irish citizen parent. However, according to the 1956 Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act, they will only recognize the woman who gave birth as the mother of a child, despite Deevy being listed on Sofia’s birth certificate.



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