Demi Lovato Makes a Statement With This Makeup Removal Video


I love-ato this so much.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Vogue asked Demi to be one of the American women featured in its portfolio, and for her segment, she decided to take off her makeup on camera in real time.
In the video, Demi starts off with a full face of glamorous makeup and hair extensions down to her waist. According to Vogue, this would have taken two hours, with “a process that involves 22 inches of extensions, six small knots of faux lashes, 10 acrylic nails, contouring, brow sculpting, and highlighting.” As the video continues, however, she peels off both false lashes before carefully wiping off her shimmery eyeshadow with some makeup remover. Then, off come the lip gloss, brows, foundation, and hair extensions, and after washing her face, Demi beams at the camera to show off her bare skin. All thanks to, Vogue reported, a 12-step facial by “celebrity skin guru” Renée Rouleau.

“I think society tells us we need makeovers, but why can’t we embrace the beauty that we naturally have?” Demi said to Vogue. “I love makeup. I love doing my hair; I have extensions, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and natural beauty needs to be celebrated.”


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