Doctor Shares Heartbreaking Message To Her Kids In Case She Dies Fighting COVID-19


Dr. Cornelia Griggs is a pediatric surgeon in New York City, and she’s on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus. She recently decided to share a photo in full protective gear along with a heartbreaking message to her kids in case she loses her life as a result of the disease.

She wrote in her tweet that even though her babies are too young to read this now, and they barely even recognize her in her gear, she wants them to know that Mommy tried really hard to do her job (in case they lose her to COVID-19).
Her tweet has since attracted more than 600k likes, and more than 100k people commented on it.

Griggs explained to the New York Times that patients are lining up outside of their emergency rooms and clinics, and they look at them for answers. However, she admitted that even the doctors only have few. She added that this is a crisis for vulnerable patients and health care workers alike.


Her message received thousands of messages of love and support. One person wrote that the children of the future will wear PPEs to show themselves as superheroes, and we couldn’t agree more!

Griggs ended her post with the hashtag #GetMePPE, and it’s a very important message. As we all know, doctors and hospitals around the country have reported shortages of protective gear, and they absolutely need to protect themselves from infection.



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