Ed Sheeran’s and Beyoncé’s Concert Outfits Spark Gender Debate


Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran performed at the Global Citizen Festival over the weekend – with two of the biggest artists in the industry sharing the stage.

The pair performed their ‘Perfect’ duet from Ed’s Divide album and paid homage to Nelson Mandela – however, people were more interested in what they wore during the performance.

While Beyoncé wore a flamboyant, fuchsia dress, 27-year-old Sheeran dressed in his signature shirt-and-jeans combo.

It all began when comedian and writer Shon Faye highlighted the stark difference in attire on Twitter, writing: “Ed Sheeran is a 27-year-old man the fact we’ve enabled him to feel it’s ok to dress like this at all, let alone next to Beyonce really boils my p*ss.”

Another Twitter user, Daniel, echoed her sentiments: “This photo is v v v v representative of what we expect from men and women at the top of their game, isn’t it?”

A third person added that such is the natural of gender standards, that “men can stand more on their hard work and talent alone while women often have to 10/10 everything”.

Others argued that what they chose to wear is simply part of their respective images.


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