ER Doctor Shows What’s Happening At A New York Hospital During Coronavirus Pandemic


The war with Covid-19 has just begun on U.S. soil, and we’re now in the unpopular lead of most confirmed cases than any other country in the world.
The people in the front lines, however, are being sent into battle without enough armor or protection, and it’s a sad, sad picture. After we saw numerous videos and photos from hard-hit nations struggling under the overwhelming conditions (namely Italy), one would think that we’ve learned our lesson. Italy has more hospital beds and more doctors per capita than the U.S., and the doctors there had to make heartbreaking decisions about which patients will get ventilators, and which patients will be left to battle the disease by themselves, meaning that they will likely lose their lives.
We’ve seen what happens when healthcare systems, even developed and well-managed, get hit with a huge number of critically ill patients and the hospitals simply don’t have enough room or equipment, and that reality has just begun to play out in the U.S.

The heroes of our time are the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines, and they’re doing their best to save as many lives.
Colleen Smith is an ER doctor in Elmhurst, Queens, and she recently shared with New York TImes what is happening inside her hospital. 13 patients have lost their lives because of Covid-19 in her hospital in just one day, and the hospital has had to place a refrigerated truck outside to hold the deceased bodies. Smith says that their ER patients load has more than doubled in recent days, and the number is likely to increase.
She said that even though leaders in various officers, starting from the President to the Head of Health and Hospitals say that “We’re going to be fine, and everything is under control”, everything is NOT fine from her perspective. She added that she doesn’t have the support she needs, and even just the materials she needs to treat her patients.


Another doctor called what’s happening in the hospital “apocalyptic.” Hearing Dr. Smith detail the overwhelming anxiety and daunting reality at the very beginning of the expected surge in cases should make us all realize the seriousness of what we’re facing and understand why flattening the curve is so important.

According to another doctor, what is happening in the hospital is “apocalyptic”, and this is just the beginning of the expected surge in cases. Check out what battling coronavirus inside a New York City hospital looks like below:



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