When Caroline (British) met Laurie (American) back in 2005 they immediately found they had an incredible bond and fell in love.  They knew their path to love wasn’t going to be easy, especially bearing in mind they lived on two different continents, but they did know they would move heaven and earth to be together. They married in both America and England, but the US federal government didn’t recognize their marriage, almost every time Caroline entered the US she was sent for interrogation and made to feel like a criminal, simply for who she chose to love.  On the brink of facing deportation and enforced separation, Caroline and Laurie went into action getting tremendous support for their love story and fight for marriage equality.  Gaining support from politicians, celebrities and LGBT allies worldwide, their story went all the way to the judiciary committee in DC in support of the striking down DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act).

Having spent years being LGBT activists, Caroline and Laurie know the importance of telling their story and, in a continued effort for equality, they have written a feature film HART, now in development, based on their true human rights story.

“What we decided to do, as a prelude to HART, was put together a documentary and give other people a chance to tell their own important stories.  We worked on the idea of what were other people’s life changing events.  That time we say F_CK IT I’m not going to stand for this! I’m going to fight it!” says Caroline.


“We posed the question to a number of LGBT people including two incredible drag artists, who also related to our situation as they are a married bi-national couple.  Additionally, David Josef, a world class fashion designer who talked about being bullied, to the point of being suicidal.  We are also including many other profound stories, from a gay Veteran to an LGBT ally fighting for her right for equal pay.  Everyone has a F_CK it moment in their life, especially at the moment!”  Says Laurie.

Be inspired in less than 2 minutes watch F_CKIT the teaser.

For more information please visit www.hart2hartproductions.com

F_CKIT documentary (Teaser) from Hart2Hart Productions on Vimeo.

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