Family-Of-Four Found Themselves On “Pride Flight” And They Had A Blast


The Powell family, which consists of mom Kerry, dad Sean, and their two sons, Calum (4), and Cody (1), found themselves on Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural “Pride Flight” on Friday.

The flight from London to New York featured an all LGBT+ crew, and dozens of drag queens who performed singalongs and brandished glitter while the plane was flying over the Atlantic.

The family-of-four was thrilled to be on board the fun-filled flights, as Attitude Magazine shared a video of the clan who were seated at the center of the action.

The two boys were bouncing out of their seats as a drag queen in a red outfit danced down the aisle and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” blared from the speakers.


The family accidentally booked Virgin Atlantic’s #PrideFlight for their holiday, and they absolutely committed for what was on it!

Even though the plane was filled with celebrities and journalists, tickets were also available to the public.

Kerry Powell told DailyMail, however, that they knew that they were going to be on Pride Flight, as Virgin had phoned them in October and told them that their flight had been chosen to be Pride Flight.

They asked the family if they wanted to change flights, but they chose to be on the flight anyway.

Wow! We hope every flight can be as fun as this one!



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