Father Tries To Stop His Son,7, From Transitioning To A Girl, Blames Ex-Wife For Constantly Putting The Child In Dresses


A Texas jury has ruled against the father who wanted to stop his 7-year-old son from transitioning to a girl after claiming that his ex-wife manipulated their child into wearing dresses and kept telling him that “monsters only eat boys”.

Jeff Younger has been involved in a lengthy and bitter feud in Dallas with his ex-wife Anne Georgulas over whether their son James has gender dysphoria.

A jury decided to give sole managing guardianship and his twin brother Jude to their mother following a week-long trial.

Georgulas, who works as a pediatrician, argued that James is transgender and should be able to wear his favorite dresses and attend school as a girl named Luna. Younger, though, doesn’t believe that James has gender dysphoria, and he has accused his ex-wife of “forcing” their son to socially transition into a girl by making him wear dresses.
The judge is expected to make a final decision on the custody verdict today.

The court case began after Goergulas filed a court request last year to change their joint custody arrangement to include a requirement that Younger starts calling their child by the name Luna. She argued that James has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by three mental health professionals, and therapists had recommended they start using the name Luna instead of James. Younger, however, filed his own request with the court to obtain sole custody of the twins in order to prevent the gender transition.

According to the jury’s verdict, Younger is prevented from having sole custody of his children and paves the way for the mother to allow the 7-year-old to undergo hormone replacement therapy.


Younger and Georgulas got married in 2010, and they went through IVF to have the twins and requested their gender to be male before they were born in 2012. They got divorced, however, several years later, and arguments over their child’s gender began when Georgulas took James to see a gender therapist at the Children’s Hospital Center.

According to the mother, she had noticed James requesting girl-themed toys and imitating female Disney characters, and had been asking to wear dresses. The therapist recommended for James to start social transitioning by wearing dresses to school and going by the name Luna.
The teachers currently call the child Luna at school.

According to Younger, however, his ex-wife has been forcing the transition ever since their divorce, and he accused her of starting to manipulate their child when James was three years old. He also noted that the mom kept telling the boy from a very young age that “monsters only eat boys”.
The father said in a podcast interview earlier this year with Luke Macias that his child is not a girl and that James “violently refuses to dress as a girl at his house”. To add to that, Younger publicly accused his ex-wife of taking advantage of their child.

Younger has been campaigning to prevent his child’s gender transition separate from the custody court battle, and he has even set up Facebook groups and a GoFundMe page called “Save James” with about $40,000 in donations to help with Younger’s court costs.



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