When She First Discovered Her Famous Sister Was Gay, She Got Angry. Then She ‘Came Out’ Too


Tegan and Sara are no strangers to standing up for same-sex rights and gay equality. But now the twins have lent their support behind a series of videos entitled “It Got Better” also featuring Jane Lynch and George Takei among many other celebs.

“Hello! We are truly honoured to be a part of It Got Better — a video series by the It Gets Better Project sharing LGBT stories of struggle and success,” the group wrote on its official site. “This is such an amazing initiative and we’re so touched that our story could be included to provide encouragement and support for those who need it.”

The nearly seven-minute video begins with the duo talking about growing up in Calgary. “The sort of perception of Calgary is that it’s a lot more right-leaning or conservative,” Tegan says, adding the two were really “boyish” as youngsters and cut off their hair to resemble their father. “They would pay us to dress in dresses when we would do family photos,” Sara says.


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