The First Two Lesbian Teens Crowned Prom King & Queen in Florida


Two teen girls have made history by becoming the first same-sex couple to be crowned prom king and queen. Yes!!!

‘I do believe it is easier for females than it is males; at our school and just in society in general.

‘I always felt accepted at our high school.


‘My family was not accepting nor supporting at first, but after about a year they came around.’

Brie and Lindsey will both continue their studies at the same school next year.

1Brie and Lindsey7

1Brie and Lindsey6

1Brie and Lindsey5

1Brie and Lindsey4

1Brie and Lindsey3

1Brie and Lindsey2

1Brie and Lindsey



  1. What a fabulous couple! Thanks for your courage even though you said it was easy as you have always been accepted. I lived my prom the one I never had through your eyes.
    A bright and wonderful journey ahead for the two of you.
    Love to you both! <3

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