Flyers Suggesting Drinking Less To Avoid Being Raped Handed Out By Belfast Police


The Police Service of Northern Ireland are handing out leaflets that encourage students to drink less in order to avoid being raped in Belfast.
A student from Queen’s University came across one of the flyers recently, even though the Police Service of Northern Ireland claims that they have NOT been in circulation for some time.

The flyers have been created and designed by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and the flyer reads:

“Alcohol is the number one rape drug. How much have you taken already?”

The PSNI have even provided a “S.M.A.R.T” acronym to consider in regard to rape, and they write that you should “say NO to any sex you don’t want”. They add that “alcohol affects your judgment, so watch what you drink, as rape stays with you for life”.


The leaflets have been shared on social media, where the reaction has been very widespread. The overall feeling is that the police tells students to drink less in order to avoid being raped, which puts the blame on the victim, and not on the rapist.

This is what one student who found the leaflet shared:

The leaflets are said to be old, though, and one resident from Belfast commented that they were distributed years ago.
PSNI has also confirmed to The Belfast Tab that this poster has not been used in any recent PSNI campaigns, and their current campaign around this issue is No Grey Zone.



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