This Gay Couple Asked All Their Bridesmaids To Wear Wedding Dresses


When newlywed couple Deri Rogers and Ben Wood of Fairwater, Wales, were planning their wedding, they had a hard time choosing the dresses for their bridesmaids, until they had a brilliant idea.

Since neither Ben nor Deri would be donning the “big, puffy dress,” why not have all the ladies wear one?

“Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal like at other big weddings,” Rogers told Wales Online. “I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress — so why not 10?”

“The girls all have huge personalities and so there was terrible competition, dress disasters, and fallouts but on the day, they all looked fab,” Rogers said.

“You could say the girls stole thelime light but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Judging by the awesome photos, it seems like everyone had a total blast.


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