Gay Couple Hand Out Rainbow Masks on the Streets in Homophobic Poland


A gay couple Jakub and David gave away hundreds of rainbow masks to the people on the streets in Poland. The pair have contributed to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and homophobia in their country. Video recorded during this action has become viral in their country and has been watched by over 2 mln people.

The pair have taken homophobes in their country head-on trying to remove the stigma that gay people are ‘the plague’ and do something positive during the coronavirus pandemic. „Many of Polish people call us a plague, so we thought if we help people overcome real plague, they might change their mind. I know it’s naive, but if we can do something good then why not?” – explains Jakub

They borrowed a sewing machine from one of their grandmothers and began to sew masks in order to give them away for free. “Our masks are unique because they are rainbow! The tailor friend supported the idea, so 300 pieces were sewn with which we took to the streets of the city” – says David.


The pair wandered the streets of the tri-city towns of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, which are on the coast of Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea.

„Many LGBT-free zones were created in our country so we were a bit affraid how people would react but they were really touched by our idea. I think they really appreciated that someone carried about their health. It was great to see that rainbow didn’t scare people but will help them stay safe. Video presenting action has became viral in Poland and has been watched by over 2mln people via their Facebook.

Jakub and David run their YouTube channel, they record their own music videos and several hundred thousand viewers around the world loved them for their Roxette music video a few years ago.


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