Gay Couples In Israel Banned From Adopting Russian Babies


Israel has signed an agreement with Russia a few days ago that prevents LGBTQ+ parents from adopting Russian children.
The agreement doesn’t specifically say this, but it notes that adoptions will be done in line with the laws of both countries, and LGBTQ+ parents are banned from adopting children in Russia, which means that this will now apply to Israeli couples looking to adopt in Russia.

Russia was the only country allowing Israeli people to adopt children before the signing of the agreement, and the procedure was being managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Even though members of the LGBTQ+ community could not adopt Russian children in practice even before the signing of this agreement, it has now been formalized. Israel rejected a demand by Russia that this prohibition is anchored in a formal document before.

The signing of this agreement is expected to make it easier and faster for straight Israeli couples to adopt in Russia, and it will probably also increase the number of adoptions.
Minister for Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin signed the new agreement, and the signature took place on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s arrival in Israel on Thursday for the World Holocaust Forum.


It was reported back in 2017 that Israel made a commitment to Russia not to allow gay couples to adopt Russian children and representatives of the ministries of justice and social affairs signed documents that were presented to Russian courts, committing to obey Russian laws that prohibit same-sex couples from adopting.

The chairman of the group Gay Fathers, Oz Parvin, said in response to the signing that they’re disappointed by and protest the state’s decision to sign this discriminatory adoption agreement with Russia, knowing that it would deepen the inequality of LGBTQ+ people’s rights in Israel.



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