Gay Dads Adopt 6 Siblings That Had Spend Almost 5 Years In Foster Care


Steve Anderson-McLean and Rob Anderson-McLean are a gay couple from Pennsylvania who adopted six siblings who were in foster care for 1,640 days.

The couple decided to adopt all six kids to make sure that they don’t get split up. The kids are aged: Carlos, 14, Guadalupe, 13, Maria, 12, Selena, 10, Nasa, 9, and Max, 7.

In an emotional interview with Good Morning America, Steve recalled the moment of adoption.

“The judge asked, ‘Do you understand at this point forward they are your children? They are just as much as your biological children.’ Obviously, we knew that, but when I looked up and saw all those eyes, it was very emotional,” said Anderson-McLean. “We never imagined we’d be lucky enough or blessed enough to have six.”

The couple has been together for 18 years, and they got married in 2013. They raised two kids, the 25-year-old Parker and the 21-year-old Noah from a previous marriage, but after they grew up, Steve and Rob felt like they weren’t done with parenting, so they wanted to adopt kids.


After doing some research, they found that siblings were often split, which can be incredibly tough for them.

They were searching for kids to adopt, and they came across six siblings that were neglected and had been in the foster care system for almost 5 years. They just knew that they could transform their lives with love, and they couldn’t be happier when they learned that they got them.

They’re now a family of eight, and they couldn’t be happier. The new parents say that being adopted and living in a home has been a huge relief for the siblings, as they had been let down by adults so many times in their life, so they were nervous that it wasn’t going to happen.

Source: Upworthy


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