Gay Dads Stunned By Government Official Who Asked Them “Who Is The Mother?”


Guy Sadaka and Hai Aviv are a gay couple from Israel that has been together for 12 years, as reported by NBC News. The two have been trying to enroll their 2-year-old twins in preschool, and they applied for tuition assistance through the Israeli government last week.

A few days later, however, they received a phone call from the country’s Ministry of Labor and Social Services, and a representative for the agency told the men that one of them would have to declare as the “mother” of the twins on their tuition paperwork.

According to Sadaka, the representative claimed that one of them likely worked less than the “father” in the relationship, making the couple compare themselves to a “normal family”. Sadaka noted that the representative said that she understands that they are both fathers, but suggested that there is always the one who is more dominant, and the one who is more “the mother”.


Both men were stunned by the request, and even though they claim that the representative was understanding of the situation, they think that she was forced to follow a strict set of government guidelines. She ultimately told the couple to not think much about it, and she advised them that it wouldn’t matter what answer they give.

Sadaka told NBC News that it kind of made them laugh, but this ignorance of the government office is not expected in 2020, and it seems crazy to him.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs apologized to the couple within hours of the phone call, and they told Sadaka and Aviv that they would process their application “immediately” and promised to reevaluate their policies.



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