Gay Male Couple Offered IVF Treatment on NHS for First Time in UK


The Scottish Daily Mail report the NHS will fund the process – in which a donor egg is fertilised with sperm, the embryo being implanted into the surrogate, and all maternity treatment.

Prior to changes in 2017, the NHS refused to pay for surrogate mothers to conceive using IVF, meaning gay couples could not use the treatment.

But the changes mean the procedure is now viewed the same as a heterosexual couple conceiving with a surrogate and donor egg.They wrote: ” ‘Our NHS clinic don’t have any anonymous egg donors, they advised us we would need to find a known egg donor. Any suggestions how to go about it?’

A friend replied: “Wow, did not know Scotland were offering this on the NHS!”A Scottish Government spokesman confirmed fertility treatment was offered to men in same-sex relationships who had fertility problems, including same-sex male couples using a surrogate. But he emphasised the NHS would not find the surrogate.

While a single IVF policy applies to the whole of Scotland, the situation is more complicated in England, where each of around 200 clinical commissioning groups sets eligibility rules.

It is thought there have been no cases of IVF treatment for a gay male couple being funded by the NHS in England.

In Wales, fertility treatment for gay couples is in theory available on the NHS, although its policy states that ‘surrogacy IVF will only be provided where no other fertility treatment options are available’ and strictly for ‘medical reasons’.


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