Gay Man Won’t Move Back To Conservative Hometown To Take Care Of Parents, Asks If He’s Wrong


Many LGBTQ people who grew up in conservative and often unwelcoming homes and places feel anxiety and fear when they have to return home. Also, there’s always the fear that there may be a conflict with their families, so they often avoid returning home as much as possible.

One gay man recently decided to take it to Reddit and ask if he was in the wrong for refusing to move back home to take care of their elderly parents.

He explained that he has no intention of moving back to his conservative Christian hometown to care for his parents, and wanted to know the opinion of the Reddit jury. But what did Reddit say? Check out the story for yourself below and find out.


According to Reddit, the OP is absolutely not in the wrong here – for several reasons. First, he mentions that he’s the firstborn child, which means there are (probably) siblings who could move in with their parents. Also, he mentions that his parents have family in their town, so it’s not like there’s no one else to take care for them. So, there’s that. Feel free to tell us what you think about the story below, and what would you do if you were in his boots.


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