Gay Marriage And Abortion Are Finally Legal In Northern Ireland


Westminster MPs used their prerogative to pass laws on behalf of North Ireland on the issues of gay marriage and abortion, so gay marriage and abortion will be legal in the country.
Gay couples are celebrating the landmark move, and some of the first couples in the UK to have civil partnerships are now preparing to tie the knot.

Among them are Henry Flanagan-Kane and Christopher Flanagan-Kane, who became one of the first gay couples to have a civil partnership when it became legal in December 2015.

The couple joined other couples at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast to celebrate the change in the law.

However, DUP leader Arlene Foster said that it was a “shameful day” and added that “this is not a day of celebration for the unborn” as pro-life and pro-choice campaigners turned out to air their feelings on the change in abortion law.


According to Ms. Foster, decriminalization would not mark the end of efforts to prevent the introduction of abortion services in the region, and she added that her party would explore “every possible legal option open to it”.

MPs voted for legislation which requires the Government to extended gay marriage to the region if devolution is not restored by October 21.

Gay couples ate wedding cake today after a buffet surrounded by flowers and balloons, with many holding signs which read “equal”.



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