George Takei Once Discussed With Howard Stern Grabbing Men to “Persuade” Them for Sex


An interview between George Takei and radio host Howard Stern last month adds a wrinkle to the “Star Trek” actor’s swift denial this week of sexual assault allegations against him.

On Friday, former model Scott R. Brunton said Takei had groped him without his consent 36 years ago in the actor’s home. Takei addressed the claims in a series of tweets on Saturday morning, flatly stating that the events “simply did not occur.”
When Stern asked him again, he said: ‘Some people are kind of skittish, or maybe, um, uh, afraid, and you’re trying to persuade.’

When Stern and his co-host, Robin Quivers, asked Takei if he ever held a job over somebody for sex, he said no.
Quivers then asked if he did ‘this grabbing at work.’

‘It was either in my home,’ Takei responded. ‘They came to my home.’
The Star Trek icon, 80, took to social media to defend himself on Saturday against Brunton’s allegations.
Takei said that the event ‘simply did not occur’ and he added that he does not know why the model has made these claims now, 36 years later.

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