Girls Aged Three And Four Abducted And Then Raped In Somalia


The Somalian government has condemned the abduction and rape of two girls, aged just three and four. According to the doctor in charge of the hospital where they were being treated, the girls need major surgery.
Following the attack that took place on Wednesday, an official has reported that several arrests have been made. The parents say that the two girls, who are cousins, were walking home from their school in Afgoye, Mogadishu, and they were seized by men who abducted them and sexually assaulted them.

The parents were desperately searching through the neighborhood, and they eventually found the girls alone the following day.


According to BBC World Service Africa editor Will Ross, the fact that the girls were so young, aged just three and four, has shocked Somalia. The number of rape reports has been on the rise in the country in recent years, and it’s thought that even though such horrific crimes have been taking place for many years, people are now more aware of it because the incidents are being published on media in order to bring about change.



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