Guy Used Snapchat’s Woman Filter On Tinder And Got 400 Matches


People have been having a lot of fun with the recent Snapchat filters, and one of the most popular ones is the filter that can make you look like a boy or a girl. However, one guy has taken the whole thing to the next level, and he set up a Tinder account with the female version of himself made with the filter. And, as it turns out, he is quite popular with the lads.

Jake Askew from Norwich, U.K. is the guy that decided to set up the account. He said that he did it because he thought he looked so “unreal” with the filter. However, many guys thought otherwise, and his profile received more than 1,650 “likes” and 300-400 matches.


“Jess” revealed that many guys got in touch with him and made some rather indecent proposals, so he now knows what girls and women go through on social media.

This is how Jake really looks:


He also told LADBible that he never expected so much attention, even though he did think Jess looked unreal.

This is what some of the guys wrote to “her”:



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