Guy Uses Drone To Send His Number To A Girl Dancing On A Rooftop


Almost everyone has been quarantined for the past couple of weeks, and it’s a real date stopper for single people because you can’t go out on dates with people.
Jeremy Cohen, a man from Brooklyn, noticed a girl dancing on the roof of a building next to his. He waved when she saw him, and she waved back. So, the determined Jeremy decided to send out a drone to her, and that’s how one of the most romantic stories ever started.

Jeremy told Bored Panda that he actually hasn’t been on a date in at least a year, and being confined by the walls of his apartment inspired some creativity for him.

Check out the post he shared about his quarantine love story on Instagram, and we believe you’ll love it:

The video went absolutely viral on TikTok and on Instagram in just a few days. Jeremy told Bored Panda that the video has changed his life in a positive way, and it makes him feel good to know people are rooting for him. More importantly, though, it gives something for people to believe in during these dark and difficult times.

Check out Part 2 of the most romantic quarantine love story ever:


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Quarantine Cutie, part 2. Her name is Tori (@toricigs) and she’s cute and kind 😌

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