Harvey Weinstein Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 While Serving Prison Time, Reports Say


Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced media mogul, and convicted felon has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.
Harvey is currently in prison and he serves a 23-year sentence for raping and taking advantage of several women, and he is imprisoned at Wende Correctional Facility. He is believed to be currently in isolation and is believed to be one of two inmates at the prison who have tested positive for the Coronavirus.
The state of New York currently has more than 16,000 confirmed cases of the disease, and officials at Wende believe that Harvey Weinstein contracted the virus after he left Riker’s Island, but before he was imprisoned there.

It has been reported by the Niagara Gazette that officials familiar with the situation said that it is believed that Weinstein was positive for the Coronavirus when he entered the state prison system last Wednesday from Rikers Island, a jail in New York City.
Inmates are usually sent to other facilities after medical and security concerns are assessed, and Weinstein was accepted at Wende last week, following his sentencing at a Manhattan courtroom. He had been alternating his time between Rikers Island and a New York City hospital during his trial, where he was treated for chest pains and high blood pressure.


Harvey Weinstein was convicted of criminal sexual assault in the first degree, and of rape in the third degree earlier this month. Several women stepped forward to testify against him and they described their unpleasant encounters with him in great detail.



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