Here’s What Happened to the Beauty Blogger 20,000 People Tried to Shut Down


Her name is Eugenia Cooney and the 24-year-old uses her channel to talk about fashion, hair, makeup and more with her 1.4 million followers, but one thing she doesn’t seem to discuss is her weight, which looks dangerously low – so much so that there have been petitions to have her videos pulled because of the messages they might send to kids.

One petition racked up 20,000 signatures but YouTube didn’t act on it. In response, Eugenia said in a video, “Some people are saying I’m like a bad influence on girls.

This past week, YouTube did decide to remove one of Eugenia’s videos and placed a strike against her account. Even though the comments on most of her videos show concern about her weight, and likely the vid was reported because of that, Cooney couldn’t understand why her latest episode would’ve been pulled.

While there are many people concerned with Eugenia’s weight, there are just as many fans who idolize her, which could be problematic:


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